Podcast Editing And Engineering Services

At Painless Podcasting, we take editing and engineering seriously. A properly engineered and edited show can provide an exceptional experience for listeners. Premium sound is incredibly important if your show is about authority in a subject matter or a foundation for products and services.

Choose your plan

Standard Editing

$ 50
per 60 mins of audio
  • Our most budget friendly option
  • Edit the start and finish of your show for clean transitions
  • Add your supplied elements (intro, outro, ads, bumpers, etc.)
  • Basic cleaning of the show (plosive reduction, sibilance reduction, noise reduction, click removal)
  • Master the show to a good loudness standard
  • Add your supplied ID3 tags and show art
  • Deliver in any format that you specify
  • This is the package for you if you do not need any edits in the show

Detail Editing

$ 90
per 60 mins of audio
  • Highly polished content when you need the most authority/credibility
  • This option includes everything from the Standard Editing package
  • In addition, we scrub every second of the show to remove awkward pauses, stutters, restructure phrasing for Clarity, remove mechanical noises like bumps, etc.
  • This is the package for you If the authority of your show is critical to your business. You want to help your guests sound their best. You have sponsors' high standards. Or just expect nothing but the best

You take care of the fun stuff. Leave the engineering to us.

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